about us. about you.

The Reason Behind.

stormthegates.org is based in Orange County, California. Our founder had an awakening in his life. He discovered almost accidentally the importance of ask when a situation hit him that made him realize--it was truly beyond his capabilities to solve. Sometimes there is a situation in our life that becomes a catalyst for significant change.

That is how stormthegates.org was formed. A situation fostered a ask movement. But when you ask--it begins to take on its own life. Other people come to you with their own needs and concerns. It begins to grow. The first ask request was from a parent of an infant baby girl--who had to have two surgeries in just twelve days. So we see and feel the the needs of everyone ask GOD 

This ask movement is not just for those who attend a church or have religious beliefs --rather it is for everyone. Everyone who has a need--everyone who might not be sure what to do next about a life situation. Its for you. We built this for you.